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fantastic cadaver

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A collaborative art film curated by Butthead Films


Follow the mind bending journey of Po and Pip, two lost souls bound together, dislocated from time, space and personhood but never from each other.

Fantastic Cadaver is a collaborative film and animation story, based on the legendary Exquisite Corpse by surrealist artist Ted Joans.


Each collaborator will contribute a short segment of our story, based on seeing only the previous segment. Aside from containing Po and Pip, each segment is free to go wherever the contributor imagines it, creating a surreal and ever changing landscape of locations, events and dynamics.

Fantastic Cadaver is a project that will span for a long stretch of time, and we hope it will act as a document of the working filmmakers and animators of our time, recording a snapshot of what captures their collective imaginations at this moment.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at:


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