How do you do, fellow kids?

Butthead Films is the awkward child of Laura Spini and Laurence Brook. Specialising in dark, tragic or placid comedy, they hope one day to make a film that includes a joke. Whilst the pair share writing, directing and editing tasks, producer Rebecca Morgan has joined the team to add another cranium to a powerful three-way headbutt.

Butthead Films are not as good as your production company: our team hasn't won unspecified awards, and our films haven't ever got into Cannes (Short Film Corner), but we are quite skilled in the field of self-promotion.

Laura Spini

Born and raised in Italy, Laura has a background as a journalist and translator, writing for Rolling Stone, Esquire and VICE and translating articles, short stories and Ernest Cline's Ready Player One.

She maintains her sanity in a post-fact, pre-Brexit London by hosting a monthly point and click adventure game event.


Having dedicated his early life to being a child in Dartford, Kent, Laurence came into the realm of filmmaking through the irrelevancies of door-to-door milk selling, a philosophy degree and a statistical analysis position in a cheese corporation.

He likes arthropods, lower league football and physical geography, in that order.

rebecca morgan

When Rebecca was 7 years old, she wanted to be a lawyer, or a baker. When those avenues turned out to be hard work, filmmaking became the obvious choice.


She moved from her native Scotland to London to produce corporate content and short films, winning the BAFTA for Best British Short in 2016 with Operator. Rebecca acknowledges that this is probably the peak of her career and it's all downhill from here.