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How do you do, fellow kids?

Butthead Films is the awkward child of neurodivergent dream-duo Laura Spini and Laurence Brook, birthed to house and incubate the pair’s tragicomic body of work.


Whether it’s being awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick for their short comedy You Are Whole, being selected as part of BAFTA Crew or cowering from socialisation in the corner of a networking event, no one can argue that these kids haven’t made some films!


We’re looking to work with upcoming producers and companies that share our collaborative values and choose to take us seriously even in the face of our aggressive self-deprecation.

Laura Spini

Born and raised in Italy, Laura has a background as a journalist and novel and film translator. She moonlights as an Editor in TV and Film and is part of the governing body of British Film Editors, with the hope of making the industry more accessible and less exploitative.


She REALLY REALLY enjoys the company of dogs and point-and-click adventure games.


Having dedicated his early life to being a child in Dartford, Kent, Laurence came into the realm of filmmaking through the irrelevancies of door-to-door milk selling, a philosophy degree and a statistical analysis position in a cheese corporation.


He likes arthropods, lower league football and physical geography, in that order.

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